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Challenging the ability to give and receive information is most important to my practice. When the image is clear It defines its own boundaries and tells you what it wants to be. When a subject is out of focus, distorted, or gestural it becomes an invitation for our memory, subconscious and imagination to make sense of what it wants to be. If we accept the invitation, we become active participants in creating the meaning that lies within the artwork in front of us.


In addition to the viewer, the work is equally about my own inability to express myself. My work avoids strong and clearly defined messages. Singular statements about the subject matter often feel disingenuous to the way that I experience life. Juxtapozed modes of making and visual styles are the most honest forms of self expression that I can give- that what it means to be human is not to understand oneself with perfect clarity but rather to work to accept and embrace our own contradiction and imperfection. 


Nate Szarmach lives and works in Austin, TX. He received his B.A. in Architecture from James Madison University in 2017. Upon completing his degree, Szarmach worked in residential design for several years before starting his studio practice full-time. Formal Training in design combines with a commitment to contemporary figuration to define the foundations of his work. His motifs combine the playful with the highly technical for a unique visual style.


Austin, TX

Bee Cave, TX

Waco, TX

Dallas, TX

Houston, TX

Charlottesville, VA

Keswick, VA

Richmond, VA

Virginia Beach, VA

Leesburg, VA

Washington, D.C.

Charleston, WV

Charleston, SC

Charlotte, NC

Greensboro, NC

Mechanicsburg, PA

Morgantown, PA

Chicago, IL

Princeton, NJ.

Brooklyn, NY

Manhattan, NY

New Haven, CT

Tampa, FL

Orlando, FL

Denver, CO

Boston, MA

Los Angeles, CA

Melbourne, Australia.

Vienna, Austria

Stockholm, Sweden

Zurich, Switzerland

Toronto Ontario, Canada

Paris, France

Sorrus, France

Hong Kong, China

Abstractions. 2023   (group)

River North Artwalk. 2022   (group)

Decomposure. 2022   (solo)

Sugar. 2022   (group)

False Start. 2022.   (group)

Glam. 2021   (group)

Altered Allusions. 2021   (solo)

Together / Apart. 2021.    (group)

A Shift In Perspective. 2020   (solo)

Headcount Portrait show. 2019   (group)

McGuffey Arts Center: New Members show. 2019   (group)

The Circuit mural exhibit. 2017   (solo)

ArcD Thesis Jurried show. 2017   (group)

Reframe Presents: 2 / Two. 2016   (group)

SADAH Annual Jurried show. 2016   (group)

Experiencing Lent in B & W. 2015   (group)

Reframe Presents: Fully Human. 2015   (group)

ArcD Jurried Show. 2014   (group)

Virginia Governor's School Jurried Show. 2013   (group)


  COVER    |    Pepper Magazine | December Issue | Dec. 2022

  Artist Feature    |    Create Magazine | Issue 31 | July 2022

  Show Review    |    Austin Chronicle | Arts Feature "Altered Allusions: New Works by Nate Szarmach at Davis Gallery | April 2021


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