Hi, I'm Nate Szarmach

I am a contemporary American Artist living and working from my studio in Austin, Texas. My wife and I moved to Austin from Charlottesville, Virginia in June 2020. I have exhibited my work all over the country 


I went to school at James Madison University where I earned a BFA in Architecture. Between my education and starting my full-time studio practice, I spent some time working as an interior designer focusing on contemporary residential design. Since transitioning into a full-time practice my career has taken me to some incredible places. Ive had the privilege to exhibit my work all over the United states, to place art in collections worldwide and work with some incredible clients and designers. It is truly my joy to spend my life painting and bringing thought provoking artwork into this world.

private collections include:

Austin, TX

Bee Cave, TX

Waco, TX

Dallas, TX

Houston, TX

Charlottesville, VA

Keswick, VA

Richmond, VA

Virginia Beach, VA

Leesburg, VA

Washington, D.C.

Charleston, WV

Charleston, SC

Charlotte, NC

Greensboro, NC

Mechanicsburg, PA

Morgantown, PA

Chicago, IL

Princeton, NJ.

Brooklyn, NY

Manhattan, NY

New Haven, CT

Tampa, FL

Orlando, FL

Denver, CO

Boston, MA

Los Angeles, CA

Melbourne, Australia.

Vienna, Austria

Stockholm, Sweden

Zurich, Switzerland

Toronto Ontario, Canada

Paris, France

Sorrus, France

Hong Kong, China


Decomposure. 2022 (solo)

Sugar. 2022. (group)

False Start. 2022.   (group)

Glam. 2021. (group)

Together / Apart. 2021.    (group)

Altered Allusions. 2021. (solo)

A Shift In Perspective. 2020   (solo)

Headcount Portrait show. 2019   (group)

McGuffey Arts Center: New Members show. 2019   (group)

The Circuit mural exhibit. 2017   (solo)

ArcD Thesis Jurried show. 2017   (group)

Blue Ridge Architects student exhibition. 2016   (solo)

Reframe Presents: 2 / Two. 2016   (group)

SADAH Annual Jurried show. 2016   (group)

Experiencing Lent in B & W. 2015   (group)

Reframe Presents: Fully Human. 2015   (group)

J. Benford Wilford Scholarship Exhibition. 2014   (group)

ArcD Jurried Show. 2014   (group)

Virginia Governor's School Jurried Show. 2013   (group)


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