T A L K  W I T H  M E


artist statement.

The need to display the most distilled, mature, and impressive version of ourselves permeates every moment of our lives. In reality, our human experience is a constant state of self-development and refinement. We are defined equally by our achievements, failures and our aspirations. My paintings are an ongoing, authentic conversation about my sense of self, my worldview, and my faith.


In my work I am pulling back the curtain on the raw, confusing, and challenging questions that continually shape me. This response will not only serve as a testament to my searching for resolution, but also as a celebration of the process by which “finished” products are created, built, defined, and sanctified. It is a visual exploration of deconstructing and harmonizing the different components that structure representational realism. The work reflects on the desire to reject our obsession with appearing complete and to celebrate the process by which we are being completed. My paintings do not work to present something prescribed; instead they surrender to transparency.


Headcount Portrait show. 2019   (group)

McGuffey Arts Center: New Members show. 2019   (group)

The Circuit mural exhibit. 2017   (solo)

ArcD Thesis Jurried show. 2017   (group)

Blue Ridge Architects student exhibitoin. 2016   (solo)

Reframe Presents: 2 Two. 2016   (group)

SADAH Annual Jurried show. 2016   (group)

Experiencing Lent in B & W. 2015   (group)

Reframe Presents: Fully Human. 2015   (group)

J. Benford Wilford Scholarship Exhibition. 2014   (group)

ArcD Jurried Show. 2014   (group)

Virginia Governor's School Jurried Show. 2013   (group)

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